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Land Rover photo shoot

The great British car

During my stroll among Kia I also managed to wander around the Lincoln Land Rover site, this allowed time to photograph something very different in the automobile world.  The car is synonymous with off road vehicles to most, something you see farmers driving across their fields and lanes, but after recent adjustments to its image, is frequently found in the school run!

picture of defender lights

The bold and square lines of the Defender offer that classic rugged look, certainly not a choice if you want great lines or speed.  This vehicle is designed for a purpose, it’s history prevails and quite simply I love the fact it is still has a similar body,


picture of land rover evoque

The modern lines and absurd beauty of the Evoque show how its evolution from the classic Range Rover to a more pleasing and air streamed delight.   Sure it does not have the same capacity of others in its range, but Rover has concentrated this model towards the modern family who have the wealth to enjoy such luxury.

picture of land rover

Trying to capture the Range Rover in a more rugged environment is difficult with my car dealers, but there onsite display includes a section of inclines designed to showcase these cars in their full glory.  Believing this to be their normal environment, it was a pleasure to see the rugged bumpers and grills, the car angled upwards trying to conquer the hill.


Technical details

All pictures were taken using RAW format on my Canon 550d dslr, editing in Lightzone, the bright light were difficult for an amateur like myself, especially after a small covering of dew on all the cars and nowhere to hide from the sun.



I have always held the Land Rover/Range Rover in great esteem, true luxury cars that should be driven by people who can use them off road or down troubled lanes.  Admiring the Defender from its involvement in many industries, it was nice to see this vehicle sitting proudly on display in their main showroom.  So I thank you to Marshalls of Lincoln for allowing me to showcase some of their range.



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