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RETRO ’72 (ongoing)

So here we are, its April 2019 and it is time for a new project. Thanks to Lomig at Washi films who helped make this project happen by sponsoring with the camera, film and development!!!

Want to know why a TAPE RECORDER and a CAMERA? Keep reading.

I am creating a video for those who don’t like reading (coming soon). But as a brief overview (for those that can read) here goes:


It’s very simple, but in order:

  1. You will shoot a number of photos (probably 4-5 depending on how many sign up)
  2. You will use a simple (one shot) camera.

3. You will use an analogue voice recorder. You will record your name, date and social media link.

4. You will also record a message to tell the next person in the chain what to shoot next (any suggestion or area to focus on).

5. You will post the camera to the next person.

6. The last person posts back to the phlogger, who will forward to Lomig at Washi. He will have this processed for us (most stores cannot process 72 exposures)


You will receive a parcel in the post containing:

  1. a cassette recorder
  2. a camera

You need to rewind the tape and listen to the last shooter, they will provide you with inspiration for your shots.

You will then take your shots and record a message for the next person (please don’t worry I will provide instructions).


Everyone will be given 7-10 days to take their shots, please bear this in mind. There a lot of people involved, so keep this moving if possible.


This project is UK only due to the costs involved in shipping.


That’s a good question, my answer is why not? No seriously after interviewing Lomig at Washi films last year we discussed tapes and conducting the interview using this method. At this time I was used to podcasting technology but said its an interesting idea and the thought lodged with me.

My subconcious, to use audio and still images together in a truly retro way. After contacting Lomig he was very interested in this project and offered to sponsor the camera, film and processing! Yes, he’s a fabolous person with some interesting ideas and very kind too. If you want to learn more check out my podcast with Lomig here.

I’m doing this as I like interacting with new people, but also to promote the work of small companies like Washi. We need Lomig and fellow inspirations like Dubble, Kono, Revolog and Yashica? to keep pushing the creativity of film.


Unfortunately, we are now full, but please sign up for the newsletter and watch out for upcoming projects.