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“Friends” – portrait (ongoing)

This project starts in 2019 and is designed around the friends of the phlogger. The project has 3 elements for each friend.

  • The friend
  • The set
  • The image

Currently each photo will be taken with a Nikon d200 (10 megapixel)

The lens is an old Tamron 80-210 manual zoom/focus lens (f3.8)

The Friend

Each person will volunteer to have their picture taken.

Each person will have a paragraph or so telling the viewer about our friendship and how we met.

The Set

The idea is the picture will take place in their home.

This will present fundamental lighting and space issues, which will make me work harder.

Using ingenuity to create the shoot will be essential, whether this is placement of lighting, backgrounds or the friend.

The Image

The initial style will be low key for lighting (due to the lack of equipment).

Each pose will have to show something about them or their character where possible. Paul had drumsticks as he’s a musician.


I’m doing this because I don’t see all my friends enough and it will improve my photography. It’s only naturally to shoot those close to you and the more you shoot the more you learn.

Come join me.


If you are a friend of the Phlogger, comment on this page or anywhere you see it. Drop me a message, an email, wave or shout.

Just let me know you are willing and we can arrange something at a mutually convenient time.

All I ask is for you to nominate one of our mutual friends for the next session.