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Desolation zine – LIMITED PRINTS

desolation zine cover

Finally i’m pleased to present my first printed work called “Desolation”. It’s been an ongoing project for quite some time now and something that is very special to me.

The book

Its 20 pages, printed in beautiful colour with minimal editing. I wanted to you to look at the objects for what they are and embrace the emulsion (from kodak).

The book is a5 sized and first run of 50 copies. Unfortunately it sold in a matter of a couple of weeks. However, i’ve kept a few back and managed to get in the darkroom at the weekend. It’s important to show your work in the printed medium but try to embrace alchemy too!

The label

Static Age is run by Pete Falkous, a true gentleman and film enthusiast. It’s a pleasure and honour to call him a friend. What has always impressed me is his dedication and his intentions – shoot because its fun! I think people forget this element of photography far too much.

As part of his label he only prints what he loves and not many publishers can say that. He doesn’t care for numbers or how famous you think you are, he sees through that. It’s about producing something that moves him enough to get involved and promote your work. That’s why I feel humbled to be part of this club.


Just £5


I’m pleased to offer the last few copies of the zine with hand made prints by myself. Each zine will come with a 8×10 print on Ilford Multigrade paper.

They are all priced the same, so its £10 or £14 (outside UK) for the zine, print and delivery.


Remember these hand made black and white prints are created from colour negatives. The print may feature small marks or imperfections due to the process and nature of darkroom printing.

You have a choice of 6 different prints:

“The car”

Postage location

“The van”

Postage location


desolation zine - bus print
Bus cockpit used for testing in North Lincolnshire
Postage location

“The house”

The house in Lincolnshire
Postage location


Remember you are receiving a zine & hand made print and this includes delivery, so nothing to add.

All prints + zines are safely packaged in A4 sized card envelopes. Delivery charges outside the UK are due to changes because of Brexit. A receipt will be obtained for proof of purchase but no insurance will be included. If you need your parcel insuring please enquire about the cost.

Shipping time – i will get these posted as soon as possible. Please bear with me, I’m a real person with a day job, so it may take a few days. Thanks for understanding.