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Secret project

Secret project

After the success of the first negative journey project – see here, if seemed prudent to carry on.  The journey was fun for all parties involved so wanted to give others a chance.  This work lead to a few articles, a video and finally a small e-book, so who knows for the future.

So, with this project we wanted to continue the success but with a twist.  This time it would involve different people and there would be no communication between everyone.

You are probably thinking what does it involve though?


For those interested here is a summary:

  1. we send a camera (probably Olympus om10) with 36 exp film around the world
  2. photographers will get a few shots each

Not that is not all the points as its a secret!  Just keep looking out for the hashtag #phloggersecret for more information.

There is a lack of information to protect those involved and keep it fun for all.


How do I get involved?

Too late sorry!  This project is currently underway (as of September 2018)

However, if you want to get involved in the future, please put your name down.



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