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Phlogger aka Andrew Walmsley

A website dedicated to photography showcasing articles, interviews, reviews and Photography Insights podcast.

It’s all about me



Hi there!

The phlogger goal is to bring you the visual ramblings of a middle age man finding his way in life.  Seeing interesting objects and people from everyday life, captured using a twist of modern and vintage photography.

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Phlogger is the combination of blogging and photography, hence the name “phlogger”. Cheesy name, oh well, that’s me!

Using the best open source software and operating systems, lenses from the past of film photography, a dash of digital camera trickery, some patience and skill, images are presented here for you.  Do not forget to check out the social media links for the very latest content and the resources page for books.

If you like a photo please comment, if you want to get in touch for a friendly and prompt response.

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