Kia Photo Shoot

Kia photo shoot by the Phlogger

Whilst visiting my local Kia Dealer (Stoneacre) I wanted to use the opportunity to take the kind of shots you can only get from brand new,shiny cars, with different light.  The event was interesting, because I would have no issues with number plates and worrying about masking these, but the number of windows and light sources affected my choice of photos.  Hopefully you will witness, even a normal everyday car like the small Picanto can look nice.

Kia Picanto

These pictures show of the Picanto the affect a bright colour can have on the senses, they dominate the showroom even though they are budget cars.

Kia Sportage

The sportage as seen through different angles and views shows very different results from a standard look at the car, aimed at the suv market, but the modern radiator grill, the head light arrangement and triangular lines of the alloy wheels can turn any motorhead.  The white sportage with the wing mirror appears as some pod attached to the car, pointing at a strange angle.

The not so technical details

During this shoot I used a Canon 550d camera with kit lens and shot in raw, all images were edited in Lightzone and compressed in size.


I would like to thank the manager of Stoneacre for allowing me to take these pictures, and allowing me to wander round their showroom whilst member of public were there!  As an amateur I have tried to capture what I like about the cars, as a Kia owner I can highly recommend the manufacturer, the 7 year warranty is great and Kia garages honour this, even on trivial items.

See you next time.



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