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Young portrait

The chance to take shots of this beautiful girl could not be missed, patient and youthful energy.

image of young girl

This photo was to show the range of emotions a young child goes through in a small amount of time.

image of young girlThis one sparks that youthful look of cheekiness.

image of young girlMaybe a smile, maybe a frown, who ever knows, from minute to minute.

image of young girl

Her interest moving towards the toy, but still watching those around, wondering who the strange people are!

image of small girl

Unedited image, I was lucky to capture the moment of tiredness setting in, the close relationship between the cuddly friend and the child.  Maybe  i will edit soon and re-post, something to enhance the feeling we all have with shots like this.


Not so technical bit

All pictures were captured on my 550d, with my 50mm prime lens, absolutely love it i couldn’t stop taking shots of this great little girl. All images lightly edited in lightzone to black and white, nothing much though – see very technical.

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