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Year one

As 2015 draws to a close (its 10.45pm) I look back at my first year with photography.  Wow, what a change this has been for a guy like me, from no artistic side to looking at light,fonts all the time.

I wanted to thank everyone for reading/looking here, all followers on twitter/facebook and instagram, if your not following already please check me out.  I still prefer instagram because you can see images from amazing people without the background nonsense of facebook.

During 2015:

  • 1600 page views (in couple of months)
  • 497 Instagram posts
  • 154 blog posts
  • 82 Instagram followers accumulated
  • 30 people liked this picture the most


What more can I say, other than keep looking and watching, i intend to post higher quality images as my skills improve rather than a high number.  Like i say, Instagram is my playground, I test images to see if they work.

Have a great new year and see you shortly.



The Phlogger


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