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Wrestling, composites + Shredsville

Wresting, composites & Shredzville

Wresting, composites & Shredzville

(an interview with Rahim Mastafa)

The phlogger goes back to digital for episode 30. We interview the rather talented Rahim Mastafa who is a composite/digital art photographer. He was famous for his Sugarbox studios brand shooting people in the fitness industry.

In the podcast we discuss:
– Cosplay + fitness/physique
– Behind the scene videos
– Photoshop + composites
– Weekend warriors
– Tv editing
– How to earn 3/4 million for a wedding
– W.W.E. (wrestling)
– Networking
– Happy clients
– Professionalism
– Selling yourself
– Props


Find out who the new james bond is! We talk about the marmite of photography and the importance of modesty.



0 introduction to his work
6 self employment + professionalism
16 compistes + photoshop
21 youtube videos + teaching
27 Rahim’s background
33 influences + instagram
41 working between video to stills
43 advice for beginners
48 best part of the job
50 favourite sessions
58 tanks and helicopter props!
59 Ideas
60 Random questions
76 Links + next time



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Cover image by Rahim Mastafa
Music by Paul Grant

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