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Why you should shoot Kodak Portra film

Why you should shoot Kodak Portra film

(Portra 400 review)

The idea of this article is two fold, was to write a guest article about this film but also to recommend where to buy it from too.  It’s quite clear Paul and the team at Analogue Wonderland are doing a lot to showcase so many different films (180 so far!.  But when you go on their site and only see 1 review I thought what are we the customers and community doing!

So I contacted Paul at Analogue wonderland and asked if he would like me to write an article about this amazing film.  Of course, he has only too happy to help and have useful content on their store.

So without further ado, check out the review on Analogue Wonderland site now here or click on the image.

Why you should shoot Kodak Portra film

Where to buy

If you want to buy some rolls of film please try Analogue Wonderland  with the link below:


Using my referral link will enable you to receive a free film by Kodak and a small number of points for myself. Analogue Wonderland is run by Paul McKay and he’s a great guy.  Through his company, they are trying to bring as many films to market as possible.  Anyway, an article will follow in due course, but give them a try.

We appreciate anything you do to help us keep shooting and bringing you content.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me about this film or about my photography.  

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