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Where to get your images printed – Saal Digital

For some time now shooting so many digital photo’s you need to actually get round to printing them off to see what you spend your time and effort doing.  So far only seeing small 6 x 4 glossy prints has been very limiting, then out of nowhere came this opportunity.

After seeing a recent advertising scheme on Facebook for prints, I could not wait to try this product.  Quickly registering on their website and writing a convincing statement to prove I would use their product for marketing their company.  The chance to choose some wall décor that included aluminium was really great, after looking at this material choice for years.


aluminium print

Selecting the product is never simple, as you need to ensure you pick a suitable image, after debating this with the better half (my wife) we narrowed it down to a family holiday picture.  This image was taken at Cromer, Norfolk and HDR technique was used (no tripod).

aluminium print packaging

Quickly taking this parcel apart, the final product was simply divine, the image really matched the type of material, the clouds seemed to be pronounced like a 3D image.

The whole process as simple to follow, no software was even used, straight upload and then the usual address details.  The package was delivered very swiftly, the packaging material was simple and protected the image perfectly.

Go try this company now and hope they impress you too!

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