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A walk with Brushbonce

A walk with Brushbonce

This is the first in a line of articles about meeting up with fellow photographers.  It is entirely different to my interview series and allows a real insight.  There will be no planned route or topics, it’s just meet up and see what happens.

In this article, we met up with Brushbonce from Derby.  After months chatting on Facebook, we finally arranged a suitable time.  He kindly offered to come over to Lincoln which was very kind.

Here is what happened…


For both of us university has been a revelation for one reason or another.  Brushbonce is in his first year at Derby University studying photography full-time.  He gets involved in studio shoots but more importantly works with FILM!!!

Finally, another person who is really into film.  What was interesting was our outlook on the use of film in your work.  He has experience of developing both 35mm and medium (colour/b&w too) which is really good.

Although the weather was not great we both shot medium format and digital too.  Brushbonce used a Halina TLR and the phlogger used his trusty Bronica ETRS.

walk with brushbonce
Lincoln University admin building


Another element we discussed was tutors and their lack of enthusiasm for Instagram.  It was quite ironic that we both mentioned Sud from Instagram, who is a fabulous eerie portrait photographer.  He mentioned discussing him for his university work and the lack of support from peers.  This feels really contradictory, an artist does not need to be plastered all over the world with fame.  Art is about talent and pushing boundaries.  We say sod those peers, who are they to put shame on artists we all like.



It’s always nice to shows people around this great city of Lincoln.  It feels like a small and friendly version of York.  We showed Brushbonce around the university and then around the canals and up steep hill.  He was very interested to see the old buildings and the friendly people of Lincoln.

No visit to Lincoln is not complete without seeing the majestically Cathedral and Lincoln Castle.  Unfortunately, the castle was ticket only access due to an event.  But seeing the lovely court in the background he wanted to come back again.

walk with brushbonce
Brushbonce n with the Halina outside Lincoln Cathedral

Street photography

Brushbonce is no stranger to street photography and one of the reasons we first started talking.  The high street provided a chance to try a little street photography.  We discussed the impending changes in the law and questioned the future.

Working in pairs allowed you to use each other to capture some innocent bystander.  This is a simple technique where you ask your mate to stand towards the focal point and then adjust your viewfinder.  Another useful tip is to talk to your friend like you are just telling them where to stand.  When in actual fact you are taking a shot of someone else.

walk with brushbonce
Using Brushbonce as a distraction



Walking around with Brushbonce and talking to him, you realise he is still in search of his niche.  It’s quite clear when you find it, you just enjoy and can’t stop.  Seeing him shoot film with no light meter shows he has great skill and confidence to do it.   It is also clear he has the eye, we would both see interesting characters and setup to shoot.

Personally, it seems obivous he would make a great artistic portrait photographer.  He understands the role of art and thinking required for a shot.

You can see in the shot below, he is using the wall to steady himself to get a good depth of field in his shot.  When working with fixed aperture and film you have to compromise.

walk with brushbonce
Brushbonce shooting the Lincoln Cathedral


In previous conversations with Brushbonce, we became friends due to our mutual love of all things film.  Shooting together was a great chance to discuss our cameras.  The Halina TLR is a very humble device even compared to the box system of the Bronica.  Brushbonce seemed to like the approach of the design and the loud shutter.  Sometimes, this is a little bit of a giveaway on the street.  Yet other times it provides discourse with the public.

We noticed one older looking gentleman who seemed interested and finally came across. It was great to discuss our mutual interest and we both urged him to try film again.  He was unsure about developing. so my article was mentioned to help him find someone suitable.


The end?

It was so humbling for someone to come across to Lincoln and walk with me.  Walking around with your camera and talking to a mate is so rewarding.  Someone listening to your thoughts and experiences helps you explain what you are trying to do.

Brushbonce is a forward planning guy who is trying to push others and motivate them like the phlogger.  Who knows where this will lead, but we are already making plans.

Please check out his work and get in touch with him, he’s a cool guy and will always listen.

walk with brushbonce
Brushbonce outside the Lincoln University

Instagram – Brushbonce’s Portraiture work


Until the next walk, hope you like this new series and see you all soon.




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