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Vania Zask – Oceans, parking and Volvo’s

Welcome to photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world. i’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we feature a fun lovely surfing martian!  Yes it’s Vania Zask a film photographer from Los Angeles and the other half of “all through a lens podcast”.


As a regular listener of allthroughalens, it was great to feature Eric in episode 130 and he really recommended Vania.  So I did my usual research and listened to even more episodes and just couldn’t wait to get her on here.  I think you will understand from her vibe and constant giggles, she really is a fun and interesting lady.

Vania’s work is all about water, she’s never far from it with her camera too.  She is known for her surfing shots and yes I mean shooting film on, in and under the water.  What is also fascinating is because of her love for old technology she approaches everything with a can do attitude.  Whether’s its medium format, large format, cyanotypes or developing – she is a yes person.  In my opinion it’s why there show is so interesting and fun, the on air friendship between Eric and Vania is fantastic.


Vania was the type of person you can relate to and just chat with.  So yes we spent hours chatting, but narrowed this down to 60 minutes for you all.  So in this one we are going to discuss:

  • female photographers
  • racial issues
  • Volvo’s
  • Surfing (obviously)
  • Hanimex & Nikonos
  • Saving people
  • Dogs vs cats
  • Opening up online
  • Legendary fashion
  • Parking cars
  • compilation tapes


Random questions

It was pretty easy choosing questions for Vania, since you get to know a person through listening to them so much. So find out Vania’s superpowers and her impulses.



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Recently I got back out there in the world of portraiture with my mate Jay Good.  We shot a local model in her town and I’ve wrote about my experience of coming out covid.  We had fun, we had some pictures, Jay made sure I didn’t fall in the water and I survived jumping down the bridge – anything for a shot!

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Hey all I’ve managed to get a few images from Vania to show you some of her lovely work. Hope you like it!!!