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Tuan Bui – interview with a wedding & film photographer

Tuan Bui interview – episode 68.  We came across Tuan from his beautiful work in the PhotoKlassik magazine.  He’s a wedding & film shooter from Chicago who loves travelling too.  What I found really interesting was his choice of technology – lots of polaroids.  This seemed a strange concept especially in the world of high resolution and detail found in the digital world.  So have a listen to why Tuan shoots using large format & huge aeroplane lenses when using Fuji pack film.

tuan bui interview - profile picture
by Steve Scap (

Listen out for these areas of interest:

  • Learning large format
  • Instant film Fuji FPC
  • Packing camera bag
  • Choosing gear for the job
  • Great clients
  • Aeroplane surveillance lenses
  • The albatross of lenses
  • Importance of technology
  • Large format + Instax wide
  • Light metering manually
  • Difficulties of shooting Medium format
  • Indian weddings + elephants
  • Life ending dangers of getting the shot!
  • How long 2improve your wedding shots

Tuan was kind enough to even talk about his film fridge with lots of lovely treats like Aerochrome! 


Tuan manages to defeat the random questions so find out about:

  • Mexican Dog documentary project
  • Not spending lottery winnings
  • Eating rice doesn’t get you fat


“It was a nice shot but not worth dying over”

(by Tuan Bui)

Extra content

As promised a selection of images by Tuan


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