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Tooth fairies, Kevin Costner + Massacres with Quinn Jacobson

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Wow, am I excited to present episode 49.  It was an absolute honour to work with the master of wet collodion, Quinn Jacobson.  If you search for wet collodion online you basically see Quinn’s book and his videos, articles etc.  Not many people have published and help us the public learn about this historic process.

We interview Quinn and discuss so many things, so yes its a long one (we talked for hours actually)!

But this podcast does contain discussions on:

  • Combat photography
  • Pixelography + rise of digital
  • Machine learning
  • Constraints are good
  • Photography is not art
  • Leaving your mark
  • Art changes the world
  • archer,daguerre + talbot
  • Importance of 1851
  • Quinn’s tattoo
  • Family time
  • Spectrum of light + uv
  • Tattoo removal with wet plate
  • Tim berners lee revived wet collodion
  • Choosing your genre
  • Night of broken glass
  • Failure is good
  • iso/aperture/shutter speed need reasons

Quinn has literally just released his latest version of his book “chemical pictures” which helps you learn the technical aspect of wet collodion.  He is currently doing a special edition of 300 copies which has an extra chapter (listen to podcast for more).  At the time of the interview he had already sold over 200 so these are selling very fast and you will never see this limited work.


Of course, a man of Quinn’s intallect soars through our random questions, so find the relevance of Kevin Costner and tooth fairies.


0   – quinn’s background

7  – digital revoluiton

11  – off grid + future of photography

31  – mr archer

37  – entry to wet plate

42  – living in europe

45 – uv light/spectrum

58  – revival of wet collodion

61  – story + meaning of work

67  – mistakes + troubleshooting

72  – quinns new book

77  – random questions

89  – critique/feedback by quinn 

Picture by Phlogger (discussed in podcast)


Please do check out his links:

Website –

Youtube –

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