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The Yellow Rose Project with Frances Jakubek and Meg Griffiths

Today I’m really honored and pleased to bring you a different episode of photography insights.  After speaking with Sheri Behr recently she put me in contact with this amazing project called the yellow rose project.  It’s run by 2 lovely people Meg Griffiths and Frances Jakubek.  When I researched their work I felt very privileged to talk to them as it’s all about the right for women to vote in America with the 19thamendment.  The link to photography is that it was 100 years, so they’ve put together a collective of female artists.  The 105 ladies have made something that symbolizes the movement, the suffrages, and yellow rose elements.  This type of history is something to talk about and learn from.

Meg herself is a fine art photographer and educator at Texas woman’s university. Frances is head of exhibitions at Bruce Silverstein gallery in New york.  We manage to talk about Meg’s book – looking at this from a non-gendered perspective and not labeled.  It was nice to talk about Frances’s self-portrait project too.

Personally, I hope you enjoy this podcast as much I did it making it, Frances and Meg were full of smiles.  You can see they are friends too as they rarely interrupted each other.

In this one we discuss:

  • voting rights
  • exhibition + online content
  • history from different voices
  • suffrage movement
  • unconscious mind + intuition
  • art emergencies
  • dealing with groups
  • right gallery
  • nudity, ego + self-portraiture
  • creating books


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Extra content

I’m pleased to show you some of the artists work towards their yellow rose projects. All names are on the images and their copyright, kindly forwarded by Frances.

I have also attached a written piece of work from my 10-year-old daughter. During the podcast, I mentioned to Meg and Frances that anyone could do something about the subject matter. So the next day I spoke with my daughter and she wrote this, hope you like it.