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The Sleaford shoot

It was time to start shooting, get myself some more practise after so long out. A few of my model friends like Emily and Aiden know that I’m a film shooter, after recently providing them with a hand print. During COVID this has helped me practise and improve, which drives me to the future. I have therefore said to models I would be shooting bits of film so that I could provide some prints in the future.

This would mean working a little slower than normal so I can ensure every shot counted. It’s easy to explain literally every picture costs you mean, but whether someone can understand the reality of this? It’s very different to working with a digital shooter but hopefully the end product is worth it.

The place

Emily had been walking around this area of Sleaford during COVID with her family and had dropped a message to a few of us. It appeared to be a quaint stream between woodland and looked great.

The location (shot on mobile)

We arranged to meet near the site and walk down to it as it was all public footpaths. Once we arrived it was clear it was actually a sluice, with the streams meeting under a bridge.

This meant a few different areas and ideas to use, with the green of foilage, a stream, but a different vibe from the bridge.

The Models

Emily arranged this as a small shoot so 2 models were called in as well as herself with 3 photographers (including Jay Good). I had been lucky enough to work with Aiden on a prior evening event and was really looking forward to it. Aiden is a wonderfuly young lady who is always smiling, but appears immaculate. Due to her age, Aiden has always had her lovely mother with her to help with clothing and even took a few behind the scene shots. I think a chaparone is another important element for safety for all concerned.

The 3rd person was another one of Emily’s friends, called Ally. It’s quite typical of the person you don’t know much about being so talented! I must say each time we go to Sleaford there seems to be such amazing people around! Ally too was superb and obviously had modelled before, as she knew what worked for herself and posed without direction!

The pictures

It was just nice to be out honest, as remember this was shot early July 2020 during the pandemic. So in the UK we were allowed out but have to social distance and not allowed in the houses of other people. We were very clear that we wouldn’t be going near each other, so that also meant no helping climbing down the small bank or over railings etc. Also meant everyone arriving separately instead of car sharing.


Emily set of images are first since she was the organiser. We wanted to mainly shoot in a field next to the stream with the lovely long barley fields. I didn’t get to shoot with Emily much but because I had worked with her before this didn’t concern me too much. Emily is a talented lady and there will be more opportunities together as she’s a lovely person and we have mutual respect.


I love working with Aiden to be honest, she has her own style but can change this so easily with her clothing. Aiden has a great eye for what works for her and didn’t mind climbing over bars and walls to get where we wanted. Perhaps this is all related to her years of dancing?


Shooting with Ally first was great for me, as I walked around the site and watched as the stream disseapred off in to the distance. Because it was lined by trees at either side it offered areas of shade too.

But after only 50 yards down the stream was the perfect log and asked Ally if she was comfortable sitting on this. Off came the shoes as it was close to the water and it’s like a change in persona. She turned in to this amazing model, positioned her body without me asking and started small movements.

It was a photographers dream really working with someone so talented so I just spent a few minutes looking around to get the right focal length. Because I was at the edge too I was watching out for the foilage not interfering with the shot but still wanted some of the greens.

The technical bit

All images were shot on a Nikon d200 using a 28-70mm pro lens. They were all edited using Lightzone software running on my old linux laptop.


The shoot was a lot of fun, it was nice to visualise a few shots in my head and attempt to make them. I’m happy with the shots so thats the main thing. The film shots will follow in due course, I just haven’t had chance to get these sent off yet (lots of these film labs have been very busy during the pandemic)!

I would urge you all to work with these models, each one is superb and worth their weight in gold. There is a reason why I work with people and its usually down personality, skill and friendliness.

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