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The Old Nick Shoot


UPDATE 21 March 2020

Further to recent announcements about social isolation it only makes sense to postpone this. It’s not safe for people to be meeting in groups so I cannot & will not put anyone in danger.

I will let you know when we re-schedule it for.


Welcome everyone, just thought i would give you an idea about the shoot and tell u about the venue. Just going to write this quickly so bare with me.

The Venue

The Old Nick is basically a victorian police station, over a few floors. The ground floor is the musuem with original living room, cells and equipment from the era. There is a small corner with an old phone system and chair operators used. The original booking in table/desk is their and iron gates on the corridors.

The charity who look after it don’t mind us moving small things and we can cover some cabinets up for photographs if required (they may even have black backgrounds for this).

There is a very small cubicle/booking office and elegant stairs/chandelier that leads to the first floor. On this floor is a modern cafe with some nice sofas. Also on this floor is the old court, which is now simply a drama studio with seating, so plenty of room to shoot (huge black curtains).

Upstairs are 2 rooms full of outfits (male/female).

The Models

Some have worked with me on prior occasions and they will be asked first, some also attended my test shoot here too. A few have confirmed but this list will be updated as and when.

We will have a group chat to arrange costume ideas and i can talk to the venue about what they have in stock (they are a drama company so plenty of choice).

So far we have:

(names will appear here)

The Plan

11am-4pm. Sunday 26th April 2020

Stop 1pm to get changed, plan afternoon + have warm drink (its a cold building)

(There is some car parking onsite but very central and larger car park within 100 yards).


It will probably be £25 per photographer, due up front. I willl confirm when i have numbers. The aim is pay models £10-15 each to contribute to fuel etc. I will make nothing out of this, i’m doing this out of respect for my mates who have done these in the past. It’s my turn to help out and arrange something different.


All photographers and models are welcome to be added to the list and I will then choose from that. People involved in the test shoot will get first dibs as will anyone I’ve worked with since I know they are reliable.

Please be aware it’s my shoot so I will choose and that’s final. I have a great reputation and won’t stand for any issues with anyone.

Please just message me if you are available, I will then quickly form a plan and notify you.


All photographers will have to pay in full up front (once I’ve messaged to say you are invited). If I cancel the event you will receive 100% back.

Cancellation – there are no refunds, you pay and then your space is reserved. The money is going to the venue & models not me.

Models should ensure they have my telephone number on standby for any issues, changes or cancellations. None of us want to let anyone down on purpose, so please only come if you are really interested.


Here are a selection of images taken on the test shoot.


The Old Nick Theatre
31, Spring Gardens, Gainsborough,
Lincolnshire, DN21 2AY


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