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The factory that was


One type of photography that I have just fallen for is something I am naming “BEFORE”, looking back at buildings that once were something important.


My choice of images was limited due to lighting constraints (my flash is dead) but hopefully you like this small presentation.  The pictures are from the history of Lincoln, the location is irrelevant, but it was a thriving business in its day.


stereo in an abandoned factory

This lovely specimen takes us back to the era of tape,something the modern generation will not know.  For me this memory is sunday nights listening to the charts and recording all the songs.

abandoned factory lever

Walking through this factory office a huge control panel appeared before me, it was so refreshing to see buttons and levers – previously employed to work the agricultural machinery.

abandoned factory suggestion box

Upon the frayed walls, I came across the most simplest of displays (empty), the condition of this box must tell you something about this factory – did it come to late?


Looking through the floor i noticed this great reminder of working in these factories, you would need the appropriate clothing, especially when working in agriculture.



All shots taken HANDHELD (i forgot the tripod again)

Nikon d7000

Sigma 17-70mm zoom lens

High ISO shots (800 etc)

Lighting provided by handheld torch and onboard flash.

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