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The car park

Car park – images captured from a recent street session

car park by phlogger

The picture was designed to get you to look, colour is everywhere, the varying light shines bright, the lines push your eyes to the rear of the photo – 4?

car park view of side

Viewing from below, the leading edges draw your attention to symmetry upwards and across, yet the haze of the light appeals, masking the beauty of the strange ceiling patterns.

car park ceiling

Often missed by the innocent eye of the public, a delight to a photographer, the patterns are mesmerising and somewhat eerie with the number of spider webs!

Not so technical bit

All taken on canon 550d, 50mm prime lens, mainly at 100 iso and long exposure with a tripod.


The drab of everyday life, the drab of concrete, the drab of a place to park a vehicle, art changes everything, hopefully my images have opened your eyes.




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