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The best of random questions (2018)

For this episode we present a special one off edition. It’s a highlight of random questions from the guests during 2018.

They are not picked on any specific merits, but chosen some of those that worked well. The whole point is to think out of the box and push the guest in to a different frame of mind.

The responses are what really made the questions so great. Because of these we can write more for future guests.

For anyone thinking of being interviewed, take a quick listen for what you may have to face!

Thanks to :

Steve Lloyd (chroma camera)
Paul (Analogue Wonderland)
Michael Behlen (Analogue Forever)
Matt Jerrams (@capital faces)
Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence photography)
Lomig Perrotin (Washi Film)
Rahim Mastafa (Rahim Mastafa Photography)
Hanna & Michael (Revolog films)


Analogue Forever –
Analogue Wonderland –
Chroma Camera –
Jennifer –
Matt –
Rahim –
Revolog films –
Washi films –

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