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Teresa Meier – beer, cats + time travel

Welcome to the latest episode of photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we are going to look at some creative composites.  For episode 137 we managed to talk with Terese Meier from Oregon in the USA, who produces beautiful photo illustrations and dreamy composites.  Teresa is a skilled lady who can be seen hand making elements in her design including clothing.  She seems a jack of all trades and can take to wood and illustration by hand too – very gifted i know!  I really do have to thank Jonah for the introduction too.


Teresa has a variety of work, from her impressions of dream like montages to portraiture and self portraiture too.  You should always be on the look out for her cats too, quite often featured in the periphery. It was such a blast talking to Teresa as she has a great and funny attitude to life.  There was lots of laughter and we even solved world problems – so don’t forget to hand on till the end for my random questions.


I became interested in Teresa’s work because the projects like collective intentions where you can see a central idea but carried out in such a beautiful and bizarre way.  Briefly we talk about “there’s no place like home” too, as I wondered how her partner copes with her sets and getting involved.  We time travel back to her first photoshop image too of her infamous cat in a great setting, so please do check that out.


In this one we discuss: 

  • composites with photoshop
  • expressing herself
  • self portraiture
  • lockdown anxiety
  • working with your partner
  • stitching images
  • 48×72 inch prints!
  • Cats + pets
  • crafting beer



If you want to find out more about Teresa, she’s running a mobile photography course and very soon teaching through skillshare too.  

Website –

Instagram –



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Friends of the show

This week I want to talk about Steve at Chroma Camera as he’s built and building some really exciting technology.  He’s building a 6×12 roll film holder, which is amazing for any large format users – imagine that perspective!!  Also he’s working with another gentleman called Dave Walker to build an electronic shutter.    So please do checkout his website and feed for sneeky previews.


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Extra content

Teresa has kindly provided these images to accompany the podcast. As you can see she is a vary talented artist and her work is adorable. You can hear from the podcast, we only scratched at the surface of her images, so please do check her site and look at her other work too!