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Tangents, unicorns & emulsive

For episode 35 we have the one and only “Em” – the genius behind the Emulsive film blog.  He has a reputation for knowing everyone on the circuit and putting the right people together. Everybody remarks what a great person he is, so stay tuned to find out if thats true.

We ramble through the following subjects:

  • London + driving in UK
  • Patreon
  • How to impress a girl with photography
  • Scanning (flat + drum)
  • Why don’t digital photographers print?
  • Large format + Copal shutters
  • Tinkerers vs the film giants
  • Reflex camera – marketing + funding
  • Intrepid
  • Jobo vs mini labs
  • Facebook groups, social media & forums
  • 3 years of blogging + writing
  • Photographers day pack
  • Idiots guides

Em goes through the random questions and answers in his own unique way.  So find out about his all-in-one film processor/scanner/book/film deal application.

Who will he decide to punch – Eminem, Elvis or Eddie Murphy?


0   background

5  emulsive blog, film, scanning + printing

24  film camera, pricing + future

43  social media in film

54  emulsive “the platform”

72  random questions


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