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Stu Mckenzie – army, photography +reindeers


Welcome to episode 95 of Photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  Today I would like to introduce you to someone who has travelled a lot of the world.  Someone that’s been to the artic and lived with reindeer herders and who has been to war with a camera!  Examples of places he’s served or work include Moscow, Germany, Nothern Ireland, Edinburgh, Mongolia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, New Zealand, Namibia

Stu Mckenzie life started off in the army and has had some unique experiences which he talks to us about.  He’s a calm, collected and a humble bloke who likes helping others.  I do urge you to check out his collection of photography that shows a mix of culture, travel, portraiture and landscapes. Stu also provides some great tips for those wanting to go out in the cold.

I came across Stu’s work recently due to his work with veterans and PTSD, so check out project mindscape.

In this podcast we also discuss:

– combat camera team

– working with SAS

– preparation for trips

– gear survival in the artic

– military police

– hangovers & Edinburgh castle

– maths & guide numbers

– army photography courses

– working as BBC cameraman

– infrared + converted 5ds

– meeting Neil Armstrong

– working with Don McCullin


Random questions

Yes, you will hear Stu go through these and find out what he daydreams about.



Extra content

I have managed to persuade Stu in to providing some example work from his travels and he did not let you down. So I’ve included a good batch for you all to admire. These are from travels, his camera work and his army days.


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David Baranek –

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David’s infrared article –

Aerochrome supplier-

Rob Shanebrook (moon camera) –

Paul Berriff –


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