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Street, disease and New York (episode 37)

episode 37 phlogger presents with lucianoFor episode 37 we interview the friendly Luciano Del Buffalo.  He’s a consummate street photographer from New York, who has some lovely work.

Luciano has been published, he’s a keen traveller and loves talking about street photography – luckily for us.

In this podcast we consider:

  • shooting close up
  • permission for shooting
  • working with homeless
  • zones and tones
  • importance of practise
  • time of the day
  • shooting is a disease
  • overcoming confrontations

We look at questions like:

  • Does gear improve your work?
  • Why trips keep you fresh
  • Why you don’t want that killer photo

Luciano went under the phlogger’s random questions, so find out why he would upgrade his brain and the next Leica camera.


0   how he met Dominique and Sarah + street intro

11  ethics and shooting candids

21  starting in photography wtih zones and framing

26  shooting in france + dealing with issues

30  equipment choice

36  gear and improvment

40  traveling to london and cuba

46  time of day to shoot

48  motivation

54  the shot of your life + choosing where to live

57  worst experience shooting street

66  why is street photography important

72  random questions

82  recommendation


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Luciano website –