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Steven Meyer Rassow – book covers, collages & Polaroids

Welcome to photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have an excellent film and polaroid photographer for you.  Steven Meyer Rassow is what is known as a digital artist, as his day job involves him designing book covers and artwork for people.

During his free time he is an advocate of film and loves the square format, but not just film.  Steven shoots and loves Polaroid too, and has a variety of work to showcase and discuss.

He is a lovely and open person, who freely discusses his work and passion. We actually met through one of my Kodak competitions over a year ago now and one of his photographs had a lasting effect on me.

In this one we discuss:

  • Judge Dredd
  • Book covers
  • Digital manipulation
  • Polaroid frustrations
  • Abstractness
  • Simplicity
  • Collages
  • Film

Steven is also put through our random questions so find out why he wants to punch Steven Seagal!



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Extra content

Steven was kind enough to send over the images that we discussed in the show. Don’t forget to check out his digital artwork too and if you need a book cover you know where to look!