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Stacy Pearsall – combat photography + veterans

*** Please note there are a couple of minutes of echo on this show, there was a bad weather storm in Stacy’s area.  This caused our video session to blackout a few times too, but I’ve edited all that out so can’t tell.  Nothing much to worry about though, just enjoy Stacy’s presence. ***

It’s that time again and its now episode 98.  After recently speaking with Stu Mckenzie I thought it would be great to have a female combat photographer too.  Some research later I came across a wonderful story about Stacy Pearsall, who had served and was doing a fabulous veterans project.

After speaking with Stacy it was quite clear she has a wonderful sense of humor (as you will hear).  Stacy is a person who hasn’t let her disabilities from her servitude affect her.  Along with her trusty assistant and Charlie the service dog (world-famous) she applies her trade as a photographer.  One of the main reasons you should listen is to her Stacy talk about her lovely veterans’ project.  This involves her traveling to every state in the USA.  This is no mean feat for someone like Stacy, so listen carefully as she talks a little about herself.

So in this one:

  • charlie & Dolly Parton
  • service dogs
  • female veterans
  • combat injuries + PTSD
  • grey days
  • combat camera requirements
  • military jokes, gear & meals
  • New Zealand travel dreams
  • flying with dogs
  • holsters + injuries
  • photojournalism
  • gear or gun?
  • being an Ilford master
  • brand loyalty & integrity

Random questions

Of course, Stacy is subjected to the usual barmy questions – so find out why you shouldn’t watch horror films.

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