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3 books to help wedding photographers

3 books to help wedding photographers

So many of you are in the industry of wedding photography, just like the author.  Wedding photography maybe something of a career choice that helps funds your living and family life or a hobby.  Either way this “3 books to help wedding photographers” article is designed to help you with your career or hobby.

The article is all about one man – Mark and his books on offer.

1. Shotkit


Back in 2016 I purchased this book from Mark called Shotkit after reading some great reviews. There are so many other books aimed at teaching you something, but this was different. Shotkit was about the equipment of the professionals and how or why they use them.

3 books help wedding photographers - shotkit

Starting up in photography it’s nice to know what real people use so you can make informed decisions.

Most of you are in the same position, you read about cameras and lenses.  You then see the YouTube celebrities reviewing expensive equipment and producing amazing shots.  But, you might still be cautious , so what options do you have, hire the equipment and ask friends or colleagues.  These are all options but why not consider following advice of real photographers who are making their money and investing in their gear?

Just like you real life professionals, trying and using equipment to improve their work.  You will see there are so many common lenses and cameras amongst these.  This will all help you with your next purchase and help you consider whether you actually need it too.

The list of photographers who showcase their is growing every week (see his blog) and he has subsequently released book 2.

3 books help wedding photographers - shotkit book 2

The second book “shotkit volume II”  is larger in size (250 pages) and also includes videos too, and, can be bought at a discount with book 1.



Lightroom is a common tool used by so many photographers to aid them in their workflow.


This book “Lightroom power user” contains 148 pages has been designed by Mark to help you with tips and tricks.  These have been designed to help you work quicker, easier and optimise your time using the product.

3 books to help wedding photographers - lightroom user guide

Please check out the glowing reviews of the book and make your investment in this book.



One of the useful aspects of Mark work is his blog and weekly emails.  Mark has always managed to send very concise weekly emails with links to the latest “shotkit” photographers.  Not only this but reviews on equipment, tips and tricks, as well as links to useful blogs and items he has seen or used.

By doing this he has built up a repertoire  of knowledge and turned this in to a useful book for you wedding photographers.

3 books to help wedding photographers - more brides

The book looks at social media, SEO, expanding your business and referrals to name a few.



After liaising with Mark, he has very kindly offered you the readers a discount code! So hurry up and make your purchase now! You simply cannot go wrong, there are sample chapters allowing you to look before you leap, so double bonus.



These books are not just suitable for wedding photographers, but portrait and amateurs alike.  It is refreshing to read that even some of the professionals in “shotkit” use Yongnuo flashes and basic equipment.

If you want to follow his work Mark, click here.  The website contains many items to get you started with photography, how to improve, sell your work.  It is constantly updated and read by thousands each day.


*** Disclaimer, Shotkit pays affiliate fees for every sale.  However, the Phlogger would only recommend resources tried by himself or reputable products.These fees would help the survival of this blog ***


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