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Shiny things, grapes and Fuji (interview with a street photographer)

Shiny things, grapes and Fuji

(interview with Matt Jerrams)

For episode 24 we interview Matt aka #capitalfaces from Instagram.

Matt is a street photographer who shoots in the London, UK. He produces video work for commercial purposes and has worked in retail with photography too.

In this episode we discuss:
– mail order magazines from the 80’s
– film cameras (Bronica’s and Pentax 6×7’s)
– working in the USA
– Video, casting and directing
– Anton Corbyn and Dougie Wallace
– London & snow
– Street photography
– gear and much more


We have some interesting and fun random questions too, so check it out. Find out the relevance of grapes and why Matt couldn’t get one of my questions out his mind!


0         All about matt + working in video
14.15 Street photography, natural habitats and shooting close
18.50 Locations to shoot in (Morocco, Malaysia, Cambridge, Edinburgh etc)
27.15 Street photography and privacy
31.30 Film shooting on the street (Bronica, Pentax 6×7, Fuji)
36.30 Instagram and the social media world
40.45 Gear (Olympus omd, Fuji, sony menu systems)
64.00 The film movement
1hr10 Random questions


Interview with Street photography (Bob Patterson)

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