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Sheri Lynn Behr – the interview

Welcome to today’s show everyone, another guest from the big apple.  This photographer has 2 sides to her story, and we are concentrating on her ongoing project work.  Sheri Lynn Behr is a lovely lady who grew up in the Bronx.  Originally trained in film analog and printing too, but moved quite early to digital.  We even talk about why you may want to shoot digital or film.

I have to thank both the Michael’s at Analog Forever magazine for introducing me to Sheri too. It was only through their ongoing work did I notice her unique photography.  We soon get in touch and boy did we hit it off, like old friends.  Just like in life it’s not every week you really connect with someone.  But Sheri was really different, we enjoy a mutual hobby (you will hear about it) and it’s so nice to continue messaging each other.  So who knows for the future!

From her interview you will realise her work is about trial and error, Sheri looks at her edits and can throw them out.  It’s about going back over your work until you like it.  We even discuss it’s not just about looking at single images but a body of work.  Sheri has been in a few shows including the polaroid collection.

So in this one we discuss:

  • shooting strangers
  • slide film
  • why instant film
  • science fiction
  • surveillance
  • influences and processes
  • social media
  • television shows
  • technology development
  • how to become an artist
  • Sheri’s book



Before we move on I would like to thank my friends of the show.  For those who follow my writing, you will notice a recent article about Steve at Chroma camera.  Recently he sent me his “snapshot” camera to try out.  My article is all about a moron trying to work in large format and not just produce multiple exposure shows!  Yes, that’s right I made a few mistakes, but I’ve included my thoughts on the camera and also some shots that did come out, home developed by me too.


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Extra content

Since we got on so well I asked Sheri for a few images so you could see a variety of her projects about surveillance. Sheri has come up with such different work.