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Sarah Manriquez – boudoir, homeless & safety

I’m Andrew Walmsley and welcome to episode 149 of photography insights.  This is the show that goes behind the scenes and interviews people from the world of photography.  


Today I’m pleased to talk with Sarah Manriquez, a friend of Jason Lazrus and Kat Reichert from the Fairbanks university in Alaska.  It’s a tale of boudoir, homeless and safety.  Boudoir in the sense of her fabulous fine art project photographing a classic era of the past.  Safety in the sense of working as a model and working with others.  Jason recommended Sarah because of her work around the homeless.  It’s an amazing project based on helping others have a platform to show what its like.  Through her “genesis” and “through our eyes” we talk about a lady called Felicia, her new life and where she has come from. It’s thought provoking work, deeply personal to Sarah and something that needs the eye of the masses.


Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away, so lets just highlight a few topics we discussed:

  • xylene process
  • film noir
  • risks
  • bloom project
  • visiting professors
  • homelessness
  • point and shoot cameras
  • effects of covid




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I wanted to share with you some feedback from a couple of recent guests. Here is a recent Facebook one from Kathleen Dreier

Andrew Ian Walmsley is a gem of a human being. He takes great care to research the work of his guests, asking engaging questions that allow the person being interviewed to look at themselves and their work even more deeply. Andrew is sensitive, genuinely interested, and easy to speak with. Even though I was across the world from him, I instantly felt like I was sharing a living room space a good friend. I think Andrew should be wildly supported for his efforts to showcase the work of photographers from around the world. He is lovely.”

I will share another next weeks too.