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Sarah Hadley – Beds, evidence & Venice

Welcome to episode 148 of photography insights and I’m your host for today – Andrew Walmsley.  In this weeks show we talk with an artist who fell for the famous city of Venice.  


Sarah Hadley was a photographer and artist I came across through Instagram recently.  Her work seemed very interesting and after talking about Venice you can tell why – it’s a story of internships, art, loss and being alone. 


Another talented and gifted person who talks to us about her evidence project which was shot in China and “Unconscious terrain” project.  Sarah has ties with musuems and has been featured in various exhibitions and her book is very doing well – so buy it while you can!  Not only that but Sarah’s images also feature on some book covers by some famous writers!  We don’t get time to talk about this but they are on her site, so do check those too!


So in this one we discuss:

  • Griffin musuem
  • Lenscratch
  • Festivals & portfolio reviews
  • Collages
  • Cyanotypes
  • Sleepers
  • Losing data


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Shout out

I wanted to share with you some feedback from a couple of recent guests. Here is a recent Facebook one from Robert Dash

“Andrew is a thoughtful, friendly person with a great passion for all things photographic. He has the rare trait of wanting to seek out a wide range of artists, approaches, and techniques to help him broaden his understanding of the field, and to share that understanding with others. Andrew does his homework when he prepares for his podcasts. I enjoyed the container he set during our conversation, which allowed for stories and new ideas to emerge. Keep on blogging, Andrew–you’re creating quite a valuable collection!”

I will share others in following weeks to, as it makes me feel very proud and humbled (and a few tears too).



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Extra content

Sarah has provided these lovely images and you can clearly see with the bed images – someone has been there. It’s a great way of showing a past relationship.