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Rom coms, Mamiya & University (episode 45)

episode 45 cover art

This is your next episode as promised with the Charlie Tadlock.  Charlie is a 2nd year university student and an aspiring photographer from Montana, USA.  He wrote an article for the elusive Emulsive site.  After writing the article EM suggested we talk to Charlie and he was right, a lovely young guy.

The idea was to get a students view of photography education following an earlier podcast with Stephen Rendall (college lecturer). It will be interesting to hear 2 separate points of view.   Do you think education is still the answer?

We discuss:

  • Education
  • Physical vs digital
  • Mamiya 6’s
  • Making money
  • Advocates of film
  • Taking opportunities
  • Working with masters
  • Teaching others
  • Attic finds + hard drives

We put Charlie through our random questions too, so find out:

  • is a dog a mans best friend
  • what the definition of a shutter and click are
  • the relevance of rom coms
  • Why Dracula cant shave
  • The language of cows

If you liked the show don’t forget to check out Charlie’s website below.


Emulsive article – 

Website – 

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