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Robert Dash – blueberries, micrographs & montages

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 147 of photography insights.  This is the photography podcast that interviews people from the photography world.


We change our thought process and stance on photography fields today.  After speaking with Michael Snyder a few weeks ago I wanted to start exploring another subject that really interests me – science.  Robert Dash is in his 6th decade as he calls it; he’s an educator, naturalist and photographer from the USA. He has had many exhibitions, been published in National Geographic and even spoke at Ted-x!


Robert piqued my interest after looking at the Blue Earth Alliance, a great not-for- profit organisation. They serve as a pass-through organisation for tax-exempt contributions in support of environment-related photography projects. Robert is a very experienced person and talks about his love of the environment, climate and nature.  He provides information on his process when working with food and talks about his childhood memories of turning over rocks and spotting mother nature herself.


In this one we discuss:

  • climate change
  • presenting food
  • finding publishers
  • macro, micrograph & montage
  • food conservation
  • travelling exhibitions
  • focus stacking

Of course stay to the end for our random questions, so find out why we need St Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Robert also advises everyone to watch “kiss the ground” on Netflix and another must see is “Albatross” by Chris Jordan



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Robert was kind enough to forward over some of his lovely shots from his food project. Honestly absolutely amazing aint they!