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Rita Maas – ink, rubber bands and collaborating

Welcome to episode 129 of photography insights, i’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we have another artist for you.  I came across Rita Maas through the lovely Elizabeth Stone.  She’s another lovely lady living and working in New York.  What caught my eye with Rita’s work is that its completely different to any other photographer I have seen. Her latest body of work fuses the world of digital and print technology with photography.  This one is about re-using printer inks, stamps and making patterns and objects from these using a digital workflow.  We will talk about this ink project, her tidal one, 20th century plastics and rub-o-grams!  There will be a few examples of the work we discuss on my blog, so do check them out for further information.


Rita has many years experience in the field (shot food for agencies) and has worked across film, Polaroid, large format and many other types of processes too.  Looking through Rita’s website you can see such a wide range of projects that she has worked on.  From rubber bands to food, tides  and ink you must check them out.

In this one we are going to discuss:

  • social media
  • finding work
  • natural light
  • collaborative projects
  • festivals
  • accoustics
  • regrets
  • shooting food
  • studios
  • inspiration



From the episode I took these few words:

“photograph –  its a reproduction of something,something that stands in for something else”



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Extra content

Rita has provided some photography to go along with our discussion. I hope you can see the amazing variety of artwork Rita has created and the different processes she has used.