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Richard Chivers – Gas, glass and social housing

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 161 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.

As many of you know I love shooting architecture, there is something that draws me in. After following a few photographers I have tried encouraging them to come on the show. but it’s tough in this field. I see a lot of international artist so appreciate speaking about your work is not easy. Well that changed and pleased to introduce Richard Chivers to you all. Richard is from the UK and not only loves architecture, but shoots this genre professionally too. What’s also interesting is although he’s a digital shooter, Richard loves 5×4 too, so a lot of his personal work was shot with his large format.

A talented man who works all over shooting some stunning buildings for architects. This work has led him to personal projects too as part of some collectives too. The projects like degeneration and off grid are all about the history of architecture in the UK and how its a changing landscape. From the 1950’s social housing to Victorian engineering and modern sky scrapers, we cover it all! Some of this work has been shot in cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Southampton,Sheffield, Liverpool and Birmingham.

So in this one look out for:

  • controversy of glass
  • New York
  • vantage points
  • shooting 5×4
  • social housing
  • architects
  • tilt shift
  • gas holders


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Richard has kindly forwarded some of the example shots from his work and projects too. Hope you enjoy.