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Revolog – from experiment to zombie apocalypse

For episode 16 we interview Hanna and Michael from Revolog film.

Revolog offer 35mm films that have unique effects on the negative. From patterns, to lighting, stars and faded looks. What’s more amazing is Hanna and Michael do this by hand together!

During this session learn about the start of the company at university to its current range of 12 films!

You will also:
– learn Hanna+Michael’s concern about university
– understand why Michael should not touch microwaves
– how Revolog had to try lots of brands to use initially
– listen to why the f100 by Nikon is a great camera
– find out why everyone loves Ilford HP5 + Portra
– what a Nimslo 3d camera is

Hanna and Michael obliged with the fun questions, so listen to their fun answers now. You will hear why:
– why a young Michael has inside knowledge on the moon landing
– food is better than the mountains during the zombie apocalypse

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