Return of the sunrise views

image of canal in sunrise

A rush to work, the never-ending quest of photography, take your camera EVERY where you go, you may be a few minutes late, but chances of a quality image are enticing.  Capturing this image was one of the occasions I had great lights and morning dew/mist slowly escaping across the horizon.

Not so technical bit

I used red!  I used the colour and shades to give the photo a very different look and looks much better after a little editing?  If you don’t believe me or don’t agree, have a look at the “raw” image that has just been converted to a jpeg below (no editing).

image of canal in natural sunrise

Leaves your comments, tweet,FB, message anything.  Is the blue altered better ??

Coming soon

I will post some “how to” guides, so you can see how I achieve the effects, wrongly or rightly, be assured these will be unique as I don’t know of many people who use the tools I do.

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