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Remote shooting and modelling during Covid with Sadie Minton

Remote shooting and modelling during Covid with Sadie Minton –  episode 122.   I would like to introduce you to a new face in the modelling word.  Sadie Minton started modelling in March 2020 – yes what a time to start eh!  So after one shoot we were in lock down and this changed her future.  Sadie started arranging these remote shoots as luckily she has the equipment us photographers need.  This was because she had been around cameras through her life due to father. So Sadie tells us about the creative and physical element of remote shooting, from equipment to sets and lighting.

Learning from her job in the world of dance, Sadie was well versed at standing in front of people.  This is why she believes it provided her with an advantage over those started in modelling first.  Considering its only been a year she’s done some very interesting shots, that could easily work on magazine covers and adverts.  Seems like a lot of photographers have benefited from her imaginative ways to use light and sets well!


Sadie has done so well from this work she’s formed a partnership with a photographer called Johnny Boom.  They are now working together and coming up with plans for workshops to help us all!


Please check out my website for supporting images we discussed and all will remain clearer.  But anyway in this one we talk about:

  • being on stage
  • group shoots
  • body confidence
  • importance of communication
  • planning vs spontaneity
  • memories
  • remote shooting
  • nudity
  • using whats around
  • personality
  • styling



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Sadie & Johnny



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Extra content

Sadie kindly allowed me to show these images that were discussed during the podcast. You can see what I meant about her artistic license for sure!

sadie minton - by stu buckland
Images by Stu Buckland
sadie minton - bathroom by johnny boom
images by Johnny Boom
Images by Johnny Boom
Images by Johnny Boom

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