Pushing boundaries with photography (Episode 9)


Pushing boundaries with photography

(Phlogger presents episode 9)

The phlogger discusses the importance of pushing boundaries with photography. He provides examples of the emotional, fiscal and experiences that will enrich your life.

This is a discussion about creativity, social implications and the rewards. We gloss over technology in this podcast.

Different genres discussed include fashion, portrait, wedding and motorcycle photography.

More Info

The wedding blog from the podcast is here – https://phlogger.co.uk/survining-wedding-shoots/
The motorcycle event information is here – https://phlogger.co.uk/rear-seat-shooting/
The charity details are here – https://phlogger.co.uk/6-steps-to-prepare-for-a-charity-shoot/


Recent podcasts

Josh – a male model from the UK 


Jon – a follow up from Instinctive Photography



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