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Polly Irungu & black women photography

Welcome to episode 111 of photography insights everybody.  Today we are embracing the world as we interview someone from Kenya now living and working in the big apple – New York City.  Polly Irungu is a lovely lady who is trying to help others.  She is described as a Multimedia journalist, digital editor, and photographer who is responsible for 2 million listeners and social media too.  Polly Irungu is the founder of Black Women Photographers, a community and online database of Black women photographers.

It’s been so nice to talk to people from different communities and try and give them a platform to discuss their work.  There is no better merit than helping another person shine and that’s Polly.  As we discuss this world of competing with a white-dominated world, Polly talks about why change is important.

Polly has had some lovely accolades too, so listen out for them!


In this one we discuss:

  • navigating a white-dominated world
  • creating a photographers database
  • getting past 1stblack person events
  • coping with job rejections
  • times square for Nasdaq
  • moving to America
  • languages & schools
  • unlocking doors for others
  • street photography
  • what’s next for social media
  • returning to Kenya


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After speaking with Polly she kindly offered to show case a few of her pictures too.

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