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Polaroids, perseverance + a phoenix

interview cover with michael kirchoff

Yet another analogue special, this time from Los Angeles, USA.

For episode 36 we are joined by the rather friendly Michael Kirchoff. Michael runs the “cataylst interviews” website, is the editor in chief over at Analog Forever and has many other projects too!  So a very busy man, but he made time for us, so hope you enjoy.

Having many years of experience in the field of photography, we discuss:

  • a Job swap with the Phlogger
  • childhood memories
  • Polaroid originals
  • Type 665 polaroid
  • Graflex xl press cameras
  • Travel + time zones
  • Interview techniques + research ideas
  • Basecamp, Google docs, writing and podcasting
  • Importance of artist statements
  • Analog forever, blur and catalyst magazines
  • The afterlife
  • Upgrading your body
  • Having a drink with Michael Jordan


0  –  Michael’s roots in California + travelling in Russia

8.15  – Photography and childhood, projects  

24  – shooting commercial, landscape & architecture 

42  – blogging, writing + discussing work  

53  – editor at catalyst  

64  – forming interview questions, podcasting vs written interview

67  – interview tools + research

76  – update on analog forever magazine

87 – random questions

126 – links + next guest


Personal website –

Magazine –

Interview site –

Phlogger project (as mentioned)-

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