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Polaroids, frog dances and nightmares (interview 26)

The phlogger presents another analogue special. In this latest episode, we interview Michael Behlen from Interestingly Michael only shoots polaroids so look forward to a very different conversation. He has also produced ezines and magazines, so has experience that can help you (provides details of some useful tools as well).

Michael has a website, but it is also an outlet for analog news, contents and a real community, which will all lead to something special next year. To find out more listen to the podcast.

In this one Michael discusses:
– Why he doesn’t like Instax
– why an electromagnetic pulse could save film!
– Michaels idea for ezines
– Michaels frog dance
– the vinyl/analog cult
– why intent is important
– juggling family, life and work
– nightmares!!!

– Michael is giving away polaroid cartridges


Of course, Michael was put through the torture of this section and did very well. Find out the relevance of nightmares and if Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct.



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