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Photography magazine – 4 reason to buy

As part of a joyous Christmas, Professional Photography magazine was gifted as a subscription to myself. Having previously seen this magazine sat on the shelves among many others I had no choice but to take a glance.  Sometimes you just know when you will like something, so let me tell you 4 reasons why you should pick up a copy of this publication.


Let us start of with the ultimate reason, the content is about the artistic element of photography.  You will read interesting thoughts about the person behind the camera, sometimes the reason for the shots and the people involved.  You may never get the chance to go to these far off places, or look back through history with the same experiences.  Having large photographic spreads with beautiful images and thoughtful write up’s is simply divine, this provides you with re-assurance there are some truly gifted people who have many different reasons to start their own photography projects.

professional magazine turpin
Nick Turpin article featured in Professional Photography Magazine *

When you see photographers capturing such simple situations but transporting them to an incredible picture is sublime, and having a beautiful write-up is first class.  There is a variety in the work and styles of photography shown too, so there is something for all, from street to fine art and portrait.


The magazine is very agnostic towards cameras and the type of medium used, which is unique in itself.  Having works from people using film, medium format, large format and digital allows you to focus on the picture and not get tied up in technology.

As someone who enjoys any type of medium this was encouraging to see even in 2017 people shoot professionally using film and produce truly amazing results.



One thing you notice early on by flicking through (I bet you do this too) is there a lack of trashy adverts from the major photography retailers like other publications. To further complement this look at another magazine and see how many reviews of cameras and equipment you will read and then compare to this magazine.

professional photography magazine story
Report about photobooks from Professional Photography Magazine *

There is definitely a contrast of art over advertising, of course all media relies on us robots subconsciously wanting to buy products, we are all susceptible to this, but it is minimal in comparison.

It is a class piece of work, well written, designed and presented without the interference of those other types of magazines, where you can easily be distracted by sale and offers from adverts.


For some of us price is everything, it is something you cannot get past and restricts your purchase, so luckily a donated subscription sorted me.  But please do not worry, it is very modest, available for £30 a year (quarterly option too) from here.

Sure it is not a regular (bi-monthly) as the other magazines, but they do not have the integrity of this magazine and priced well against other “arty” photography options.


I know, I know, i said 4 reasons, just checking you are awake.  The fourth reason is more a personal experience, they seem to be lovely people.  Never before have I ever felt compelled to a publisher and say how much their magazine has raised my spirits and invoked true appreciation of other artists work.

example story from Professional Photography Magazine *

Contacting them through social media was straight forward and they replied in a courteous manner (some companies never respond), so it was quite humbling.  From this point they agreed to provide some images from their wonderful magazine for use on this blog, for you all to see, how nice is that!

Little old me, forging a friendly and professional relationship with a magazine, it is a lovely feeling.  The phlogger wishes them all the best and ask you to go buy a copy or subscribe now!


So there we are, hopefully after reading this you will try an issue and/or subscribe, credit where it is due is a personal mantra I have always followed, if you like something tell everyone!

Hopefully I will learn something from the images and photographers articles, the Nick Turpin article was so interesting and something worth trying, if you are interested in this, he has published this here.

Keep reading, learning and shooting, see you soon.



The Phlogger

* Note all images have been used with the consent of Future Publishing

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