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Phlogger interview by The Academy of Language Therapy & Life Coaching

The phlogger brings you unusual news, someone wanted to photograph me!

Graham runs a business called – The Academy of Language Therapy & Life Coaching.  He approached me a few weeks ago about an exciting opportunity.

Not wanting to miss out and keep choosing yes, the session was arranged.  Graham offered me the choice of a regular type podcast or live on Facebook.  As someone who does like to push himself, we went for live.

You can watch it now on youtube here.

To find out more about Graham, check out his youtube channel here.

The interview

Graham asks about how the photography started, about the passion and creativity.  He touches on fundamental life skills and approaches, without me realising.  The interview was a lot of fun and I think him so much for giving me this opportunity.

To find out more click and play.


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