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Penguins, canon and motorsport

apex photography podcast cover

In this episode the phlogger interviews a motorsport photographer at long last.  I’m pleased to introduce Andrew Quartley from Apex photography.

Andrew is an approachable and honest guy who has loved f1 since childhood.  He talks to us about getting involved in track day photography and helps us with a few tips too.

Podcast contains:

  • Father’s Canon 300d
  • London to Brighton
  • Watched f1 since 6 years old
  • Dreams of shooting f1
  • Brands hatch, croft, buxton, donnington circuits
  • Editing within 24 hours + shooting 7-8000 photos
  • Colour choice for photographers
  • Working in different weather
  • Panning
  • Bikes vs cars
  • Tele-photo vs wide angle shots
  • The disadvantage of full frame
  • Penguins are for eternity, they are not pets



0          intro to Andrew + getting into motorsport

11.30  discussing accreditation + experience

20        keeping safe + shooting in all conditions

34        aspirational photographers

45         equipment choices

62        important skills + killer shot

70        random questions

82  social links etc




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