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Paula Tognarelli – curating, diversity and teamwork

I’m Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 151 of photography insights.  The show that interviews people from the photography world.

In this weeks show I have a person who has been talked about so much. Many of fine art guests have talked about the Griffin museum and a lady called Paula Tognarelli.  So we managed to arrange a suitable time and here we are!

First off I should say thanks to all my friends like Debe Arlook  for recommending her.  Paula is simply a lovely character who cares deeply about the museum and the artists.  From the long days in the office, to searching Instagram in the early hours of the morning. She does not stop hunting for great people to work with.  It’s clear from our conversation she really enjoys the world of photography and also missed taking part herself. After 20 years at the Griffin museum you can understand her quest to retire and get back to her ideas.  Coming from a family of inventors hopefully she will find time to execute some of her thoughts!

In this one we discuss:

  • curators
  • mindsets
  • diversity
  • portfolio reviews
  • advice for artists
  • passions
  • teamwork

Paula also goes through my random questions so find out which film she recommends you don’t watch!


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I wanted to share with you some feedback from a guest who is now my friend. This one is from Kat Reichert

I had the pleasure of speaking with Andy recently and found him to be not only an approachable and kind guy, but one of those who immediately feels like one of your favorite family members. You know the type- the ones who are easy going, non-judgmental, helpful AND fun to bounce ideas around with. He is humble, curious and just lovely, overall. Our interview honestly flew by and had there been time I felt like we easily could have talked for hours.

Of his podcast in general- there is something for everyone. He has interviewed such a wide variety of talent on topics ranging from science to alt pro to the human experience and just about everything in between. Check it out, there is guaranteed to be someone on there you will connect with. I’ve been exposed to so many photographers I hadn’t heard of prior and have had a huge takeaway from all of them.”