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Out and about

Out and about from Kingsley to Doddington via Whisby.

bicycle lane sign

Whilst walking down Whisby Road I glanced down and beneath was this universal sign, one of the more simple and functional around, yet how many look at it or follow its meaning?


danwood building

Further down Whisby Road you are greeted by different types of industry, but mainly in the engineering field, this building caught my eye, as the diagonal line shows the colour and shade difference when the sun is not in view.  Knowing a little of the company a smirk appears on my face when i see the immortal quote “Danwood – customer experience centre”.

leaf in sunlight

Walking around even these industrious regions allow you view different architecture, but also such random beauty.  Diverting in to surrounding woodlands and just looking around at the light sources I captured the day light upon this leaf, to me this shows the routine of light to nature.

picture of yellow industry pipes

Along Doddington road I could see various small companies applying their trades, I walked up to their fence and spotted this lovely arrangement of pipes, recurring patterns are something of “a thing” for photographers.


Walking further afield in to the woods I looked closely at the spider webs and tried to capture the amazing patterns created by insects, the sun highlighting the length and detail.

silhouette of light

Photography is about how you interpretate light sources, this picture shows the subtle effect of the shadow from a nearby light.  The modern flat and grey building helps to brings out any pattern or feature.

image of tall grass

Spending a fair bit of time trying to snap this picture was hard work, the sun was so bright (near mid-day), I thought this might make a good background at some point, then looking closely I could see the banding type affect of the blue sky coming through the bottom of the grass.  The irony of the picture is that what may appear beautiful, is the surroundings, this grass masks the local dump!

phot of acorn on woodland floor

Gazing upwards for so long distracted me from the hidden treasures amongst my footsteps, confronted by a damaged green acorn that was amongst other acorns and small twigs.  I just loved capturing the small droppings from the trees considering this was just a small area of trees at the side of the road.

Technical details

All photos were taken on a Canon 550d using a kit lens, all images were captured in RAW and then processed in Lightzone software on my Linux computer.  The images were taken between 10am and 12am around the Kinglsey Road estate in Lincoln.


It was a rare treat to have the freedom on a saturday morning to walk around an estate that would seen nothing but industrious, filthy (there is the local dump and a power station).  But hopefully the pictures can show you treasures are all around.  Keep looking and reading, please like,comment and pass around.


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