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Opportunities, emotion and James Dean – an interview with a street photographer

Opportunities, emotion and James Dean

(An interview with a street photographer)


Opportunities, emotion and James Dean

We have another great guest for you, Dominique is another interesting and talented street photographer.  She has been introduced by Sarah Street media (remember this interview).

You will see a collection of images from Dominique throughout this interview which are great, so hope you enjoy them.  We talk about her life in France and move forward to New York and her street photography hobby.

So stay tuned and read on for more details.


In this section, we get know more about Dominique, her past and how she made it to New York.

Opportunities, emotion and James Dean

Tell us what life was like in France?

“I am originally from Marseille in the South of France.

It is very Provincial (on the boring side).  All your life revolves around the quality of life and lifestyle.  Though it has changed a lot since I left 20 years ago, it remains the south where life seems easier under the sun.”


How would you sell me the idea of living in Marseille?

“I won’t.”


So how does New York compare to Marseille?

“I left comfort for a life full of excitement and disappointment.  New York is a tough city, it is expensive and stressful, but it has been a long time love story.

It’s like I realized a childhood dream and to explain what I’ve been through in 20 years would be too long.  But, I survived and I’m still in love with the big apple.”


Where do the children fit into your world (how do they affect your photography)?

“My children are my miracle.  I had them late in life (I was 45 years old).  They are my priority; I just need to be very organized and set my limits in both, not easy but doable.”



We now discuss how Dominique started in photography and her past.

How did you start in photography?

“I started street photography when I bought a new camera (I was really fed up of using my iPhone).  I went to take a digital photography class to refresh my memory and when the teacher asked what do you want to photograph I said spontaneously – people. He gave me a few tips and I was on the go.”


Who have been your influences?

“I have always been a photography enthusiast.  My parents had a lot of books of old-school French photographers and I collect photo magazines.  I had a lot of exposure to different styles including fashion photography.  My favourite remains Bruce Gilden.”


Can you tell us about any of these old French photographers?

“There are: 

Jacques Henri Lartigue


Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Doisneau”


Which are your favourite magazines?

“I don t really buy magazines anymore.  I used to buy Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Time mag and New York mag when I was younger.  I collect art forum now.


How did you meet Sarah (street media)?

“I met Sarah through Instagram.”


Do you meet up regularly with Sarah and others or do u prefer being alone?

“No, I think she likes going shooting by herself, but I love both.”


What is your day job/work?

“I stopped being a personal trainer when I had my twins.   So I’m home at 5.

Now I want to keep doing photography but I don’t really expect making any money, I wish though.

I m glad we found photography  it’s good to have passion back in life.”



We move on to Dominique’s passion and mine too, street photography.  We learn about nerves, locations and the future.

What is street photography?

“Street photography for me I about people.   I’m having a hard time photographing an empty street or just buildings.  It’s mostly about life, scenes, interaction and emotion.”


Why do you do it?

“I don’t know why I do it,  what I know is I can’t stop doing it.  I know it is about everyday people and beauty.”


Do you get nervous and what’s your way of overcoming this hurdle?

“I get nervous all the time especially asking people to take their pictures.  I missed a lot of opportunities, but I m getting better when I want the shot I want the shot.

I think the key is not to be afraid of rejection.  The worse that a civilized person can say is no and I’m telling this to myself all the time.”


What is your favourite location?

“It doesn’t really matter the location because i’m focused on people.  New York has so much diversity everywhere.”


Do you have dedicated projects or is your work more random?

“Yes ‘m working on a personal project related to gun violence, but it’s more photojournalism than street photography.

As far as street, I carry my camera all the time with me no matter where I go my eyes are always wide open.”


Who is the future of street photography?

“Wow, that is a difficult question, nowadays it is very easy to become a photographer.  I have a few people from the new generation that I admire.”


Tell us about your equipment, what camera and lens do you use?

“I started with a Leica dlux  24 mm / 75 mm zoom.   I recently bought a Sony a7 r3 with a prime 50 mm lens which I used for my portraits.”



It is now time for Dominique to go through our random questions.

Do u have a song that reminds you of the past?

“Joy and pain

Maze featuring  Frankie Beverly

Well one of them:))”


Do animals have dreams

“When they sleep yes.  Then awake probably not.”


Mr Benz named his car after his daughter Mercedes, what would you name a car after?

“A famous actor – James Dean, as he loves cars.  Will anybody buy a car named after him? Bad marketing choice, lol.”


Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, but what is next?

“We have the one with the cat‘s ears.  I hate it but forgot the name.

I don t know, I just hope we go back and realize how to put limits.  I think it’s messing up with our brain, but I doubt it.”


How do u stop old age?

“I can’t and I try not to think about it.

I dance, I enjoy life, I photograph, I care about my family and others.”

King Louis 19 was on the throne the shortest, but how long was it?

“I didn’t know there was a Louis 19.  I’m terrible in French history, a shame.”


How do u find the end of a rainbow?

“From Left to right. On a poetic level, you don’t.”



We normally ask guests who they would like to see on the show in the future.   This allows us to interview a wide variety of people throughout the photography industry.  The aim is also to pay forward some karma and showcase someone else’s efforts and work.  For instance, Dominique was recommended by #sarahstreetmedia.

Do you have anyone you know or like and would be interested?

Dominique answers this herself in audio form, please click to listen.


If you want to get in touch with Dominique, here is her link:

Instagram –



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